Breasts Are Sisters, Not Twins

breastsBreasts come in different shapes and sizes, and it is not uncommon for women to notice minor breast asymmetry between their two breasts. That is why breasts are described more as “sisters” not “twins.” Patients with breasts or nipples that are uneven typically seek cosmetic breast surgery to improve the overall appearance of their breasts. Breast augmentation can be an optimal solution for increasing breast size and also addressing concerns related to breast asymmetry. Our board-certified plastic surgeon,Dr. Stephen Herring, has many years of experience customizing treatment plans to help patients achieve their desired breast look.

The most obvious sign of asymmetry is a difference in breast size, which is directly related to breast volume. To achieve a more balanced look, one breast may need a breast reduction while the other may need breast augmentation. A difference in breast shape can also cause the breasts to appear asymmetrical. One breast may look rounder while the other one can appear more conical. 

The nipple-areolar complex of each breast can also be different from one another. They can differ in size, shape, retraction (i.e., inverted, flat, or protruding), and positioning (i.e., centered or more lateral). It is also normal for inframammary folds, the folds at the bottom of the breast, to be asymmetric. Fortunately, most people do not notice the difference in the inframammary folds unless it is severe. Chest wall asymmetry is also a normal factor in making the breasts appear uneven, and it’s a common concern for patients seeking breast augmentation. This condition can mean that one side of the chest has more projection or one side sticks out at a different angle more. 

There can be many reasons why the breasts or nipples appear asymmetrical, and most of the time, patients with minor breast asymmetry can greatly benefit from a breast augmentation procedure. To learn more about breast asymmetry and how breast enhancement surgery can benefit you, please visit Dr. Herring’s plastic surgery website to read a full blog post on this subject.

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